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Richard Sercombe | Photography | Night Photography

I love the predictability of urban photography at night. It is as if the whole city is a gigantic studio under preset studio lighting. This makes it easy to get a result whatever the weather, with inclement weather often working to your advantage.

Stockholm, Sweden- The old town area

Stockholm Old Town




Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm old town is a maze of tiny streets and it remains illuminated long after the tourists have gone which makes it a magical place to walk around late at night.





Helsinki, Finland

I set my alarm for 3.00am to get this one due to the very short space of night time available in June. I was quite taken by the almost seamless join between the sky and the sea which almost made the whole scene look like it is floating.

St Petersburg - Russia

St Petersburg Russia




St Petersburg Russia

Most people are aware of the many stunning buildings in St Petersburg for which it is rightly famous. I opted to record some of the side streets which are not so well documented and are almost at odds with the picture postcard mainstream view of the city.

Rome - Italy

Rome - The Forum at night.




Rome Colusseium at night.

As most of the monuments are illuminated at night, this makes Rome the the perfect destination to photograph after sunset.

Niagara Canada




Niagara - Canada

The Canadian experience of Niagara is very different from the American side of the town. It is the Canadian side that offers the largest amount of the tourist traps leaving the American side as a state park. Both however, offer stunning views of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls America




Niagara Falls - USA

One of the many paths that line the route through Niagara Falls State Park.

Cleveland, Ohio - USA

Cleveland Ohio




Cleveland Ohio

Two very different shots of the "Rock and Roll Museum" in Cleveland, Ohio. When viewed from above the whole building looks like a gigantic record turntable.

Shanghai - China

Shanghi at night




Shanghai in the rain.

When I visited we had plenty of rain coupled with plenty of heat which made it ideal conditions to get out and about with the camera at night.

Sidmouth, Devon - UK

Sidmouth coast at night




Sidmouth boats at night

The choice of the local council to use orange lights makes it much harder to get a colour correct image but on a plus side, it does force you to look hard at mono compositions on site.







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