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Monument Valley Sunrise

Sunrise at Monument Valley, Utah.
The Navaho run hotel makes an ideal spot for a bit of early morning photography.

Xitang - China




Yellow Mountains - China

Xitang (left) and the Yellow Mountains, China (right) are both hugely busy in the daytime but during the early mornings and evenings is when the magic happens.

Pigionforge Diner




San Francisco Diner

The classic American style diner is going strong in Pigeon Forge (left) and San Francisco (right).





A high vantage point and a long lens were all that was required for this shot of Florence, Italy.






Two views of Shanghai at opposite times of the day. The Bund (embankment) on the left is an early morning meeting for exercise, Tai Chi and of course Kite flying. On the right we have a deserted photo of Peoples square taken during the pouring rain.





Dupavik in Iceland is the setting for the wonderful abandoned Herring Factory. Although situated well away from any town or village it does have a hotel right on it's doorstep which is well worth a stay..

Queen Mary




Queen Mary Deck

The White Stars "Queen Mary" is now a permanent fixture and hotel in Long Beach, California. To view many of the sights on the liner you need to be a paying guest and only hotel guests are permitted to decks during the evening.





I may well have looked stupid carrying a tripod and camera bag with me all day at the original Disneyland theme park in California but I am pretty sure I was the only person doing multi-exposure fireworks in the evening!

Sergovia - Italy




Sergovia in Spain is just an hour or so from Madrid and is much more than just a town with an enormous roman aqueduct.

New York




There is nothing worse than having a whole stack of prints out on a lovely summers day, only to feel a first spot of rain. There are plenty of stalls to look at before departing for the Statue of Liberty tours... if you can put up with the 2 hour queue.

Capitol Building - Washington




Capitol Building -Washington

Capitol Building, Washington. Entrance is free but you need to ensure you have the correct lens in place as there is no stopping on the tour to change lens.

Lincoln Memorial




I was quite taken by the shadows of the visitors to the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln himself looked quite sinister looking over them through the pillars.

Death Valley - USA




Sunset at the "Badlwater Basin" in Death Valley. The salt flats are at the lowest elevation in North America below sea level. It seemed slightly odd looking back at the nearby cliff face to see the sign indicating the sea level halfway up the cliff.





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