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Richard Sercombe
Photography - A gallery of work

I currently offer two talks for camera clubs.

Talk 1 -
Urban Night Photography.

Talk 2 -
Creative Photography, packed with ideas and stories from conception, execution and processing in Photoshop




Composition gallery photo

Environmental Portraits

I firmly believe that there must be no visible evidence of my own influence or presence in a portrait. The viewer should be the person that connects directly to the subject and I strive to include enough supporting elements to tell some or all of the story with no words needed.

Portrait Gallery  




The Raffia Mafia

Hopefully some of my four years of art school training has paid off to some extent as it would be a great shame to store every creative idea in the attic. My interests stem from fine art and filter through to everything I do, from design to photography.

John Bartholemew Portrait Cleveland  



Travel Photography RS Logo Choose from the titled boxes to see a little more of what you fancy. Images are taken from as far apart as China, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Japan, America, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Finland, Greece, Sweden and much closer to home in London and the South West covering Wessex, Devon and Cornwall.  




The long and winding road

Travel is a constant inspiration for what I do and I have as much fun researching and planning as taking the final shots and editing them.



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Urban Night Photography

The best time for me is out on the streets at dusk. Street lighting is predictable and adverse weather conditions do nothing but enhance the effect of free studio lights and interesting shadows.

Gold Hill photo link to the night gallery Leaf on pavement  



Tokyo Kyoto Book cover

A pictorial tale of two cities

We all know many of the tourist sites of Tokyo and Kyoto but it turned out to be more fun to capture the journeys in between and all too often, we ignore the mundane and secret places that define a city.

This pocket guide makes no attempt at providing an exhaustive reference of either Tokyo or Kyoto, but simply tries to present a realistic overview of what you might see on foot between some of the many highlights listed in your guide books.


Tokyo kyoto logo

32 page lithographic printed A5 paperback booklet consisting of 85 images from two of Japans most well know cities.
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Dog Lady Blur

"After Dark Urban Photography"
Camera Club Presentation

Thanks so far to the clubs at Fordingbridge Camera Club, Reflex Camera Club in Bristol, Paignton Photographic Club, Wellington District Camera Club, Exeter Camera Club and Exmouth Photo Group for booking me.

I am always updating this one and still have more bookings scheduled.

The talk is aimed at getting people out and about at night to look at the opportunities available in urban street settings. I demonstrate using available light sources in a variety of weather and sometimes challenging conditions. This is not a look at Astro photography, so you do not need to stay up very late looking up at the stars with a wide angle lens to get out and about to create great night photography.

Please contact me on to book me for an evening presentation at your club.


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You can see my latest work on

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