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Richard Sercombe | Photography | On the Street

Huangshan street scene

Street scene in Huangshan, China. I was quite surprised to see so many western influences in the form of posters, shop advertising and showroom dummies.

Maniquins in Camden




Pushchair in Boston

How to blend in with the crowd, Camden, London.


That's right, you have been spotted taking your dad out for a walk!




Be "watchful" when standing next to large format posters or you may end up the unlikely hero on the web.

Perching on handrail




Perching on Barrier

Same idea, 2 slightly suspecting victims, 2 different places.
Scarborough (left) and Caernarfon (right).

Child in a temper on the steps next to graffiti

The yellow shoes of despair - Swanage, Dorset UK

Children looking at guns




Trigger Happy.

In the USA it seems you are never too young to start choosing a gun, or a knife.

The odd couple in Boston




The Odd Couple

I was watched very closely whilst I waited to get this shot. I don't think he would approve so luckily just as the lights were about to change I grabbed my shot and made off across 6 lanes of traffic.

Press ups




A gym with a view

Correct use of all equipment to be carried out by a qualified instructor.

Lincon memorial steps




Boston Harvard alterations

Step composition
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

  Travelling against the flow
Harvard University, Boston USA

Rome Beggar




A chance meeting.

All she wanted was some hard currency but had to make do with a lousy hug from "stage right".

Wall Mural and man walking

Maryland, USA
Had to wait some considerable time to get someone in the right place at the right time. I was holding out for a wheelchair or a push chair to have another mode of transport in the frame but after a 45 minute wait I gave up.



Gatlinberg quickstep

Cowboys, Bears and Sharks
Not often you get 3 unrelated poses in one shot.

Man with belongings in the street

Home from Home
All too common a sight in America. He pushes his home on wheels from place to place with the last remnants of a previous life. Looks like he can keep track of time judging by the number of watches on his arm.




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